The Restaurant

Kiwiana is about combining the rich cultural and culinary traditions of New Zealand with Chef Mark Simmons’ passion for his beloved homeland and dining in a friendly and welcoming space.


The Food

The cuisine at Kiwiana is inspired by native New Zealand ingredients such as the horopito pepper and unique dishes such as hokey-pokey ice cream. It incorporates elements and techniques Chef Mark Simmons acquired during his international travels. With an ever-changing menu that adapts to each week and season, Kiwiana features a variety of lamb and seafood dishes in addition to standard fare. Our menus are updated daily.


The Chef

Born and raised on a sheep farm in New Zealand, Chef Mark Simmons passion for the culinary arts began when he was a teenager. In lieu of culinary school, Mark elected to travel abroad and to learn more about the world’s diverse cuisine on his own. His journeys led him from Australia to Japan to the United States (and everything in between) and have allowed him to train his culinary skills across a variety of cuisines. Chef Simmons’ experience under all posts–from dishwasher to executive chef–have taught him the importance of meticulous attention to detail at every level in the kitchen.